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PhD in Counseling Psychology: Dissertation Writing Tips

Dissertation Topics in Counseling Psychology: Rules to Follow

dissertation topics in counselling psychology

What is also important is that you also must choose a topic area in which you have a lot of interest and that you know you will want to investigate fully. If you don’t you will find it very hard to commit the time and energy to complete your PhD.

You will always be told that you have to select a topic area for your dissertation that satisfies the panel that will approve your dissertation proposal. You will be told that you topic must be:

  • Important to your field of research
  • Not have been researched before
  • Within the scope of your PhD program
  • Achievable within the resources you have available

counselling psychology dissertation writing

Tips to Select Dissertation Topics in Counseling Psychology

There are several ways to go about ensuring that you select the right psy d dissertation topics for your research for your PhD in counseling psychology:

  • Follow a passion that you already have by continuing research that you have already started earlier.
  • Solve a problem that you have personally encountered professionally.
  • Talk to professionals about issues that they have encountered.
  • Read papers that are in subjects that you have an interest: they will have suggestions for further research and will also identify weaknesses within their own and other research.

Here are a few dissertation topics in counseling psychology to consider:
dissertation topics in counseling psychology

  • Pain – emotions, awareness and belief
  • Abortion and effects on women
  • Traumatized children and play therapy
  • Transgender people and counseling
  • Ethnic minority and training experience
  • Middle-aged patients and Ritalin
  • Gay teenagers and crime tendencies
  • Power discrimination and therapeutic relationship
  • Consciousness and theoretical approaches
  • Counseling psychology trainee and being financially dependent

Tips for Writing Your PhD Dissertation

Once you have selected your direction for clinical psychology dissertation or dissertation topics in counseling psychology and have had your proposal accepted you will begin your research and writing. The following are some tips to help with your PhD dissertation writing:

  • Get into a routine with your writing: have a defined time each day in which to do your writing.
  • Select a place that is completely free of distractions in which to do your writing.
  • Plan your writing as well as your research: have clear milestones in place for completing your writing.
  • Plan for revising and editing each of the sections of your dissertation

counseling psychology phd career outlook

We Offer the Best Support with Your Psychology Dissertation

If you need help with any part of your PhD research and writing we are the service to contact. We offer the very best help as we use only the very best staff for the support that we provide. If you use us you will always get to work with someone that is:

  • A PhD holder in a relevant field to your specific research area
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  • Highly experienced in writing dissertations in your field
  • Good understanding and awareness of different literature and research in your field
  • A native English speaker

Our writers and editors offer work that is fully covered by our full satisfaction money back guarantee and is always delivered on time to the highest of standards. All writing is tested for plagiarism and proofread prior to delivery.

If you need help with selecting your dissertation topics in counseling psychology or direct thesis writing help, contact our experts here today!