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Explore the Magic of Our Text Extender

The Importance of Correct Length

online text extenderThe correct length is a very important part of paper writing. A teacher generally requests a certain number of pages or words, and you have to come very close to that to be able to get a good grade. The consequences for insufficient length can be heavy, often extending to dropping a whole letter grade. But some prompts just don’t take that much time. You’ve covered everything you can cover, you’ve done your best, and you still have two pages to go. What can you do to extend your work? Try our text extender.

How to Extend a Paper

how to extend a paper onlineWondering how this mythical text expander can possibly work? It’s simpler than it seems! All you do is copy and paste a piece of writing in and the best text expander looks for single words that can be replaced with shorter words or adds more to sentences that can use it. We recommend that you edit the text a little bit to make it sound more in line with your usual writing style.how to extend a paper tips

This will make your paper cohesive again since it’s impossible to mimic a person’s writing style automatically. However, it takes much less effort to reread and edit than it does to write a completely new text. You will find that the text extender makes your student life much easier. You can also use the help of our paraphase tool to make your paper original and worth of the highest grades.

Should You Use a Text Extender?

Some people might say that a text extender introduces an ethical dilemma. Is it really your work if you use a text extender? We believe firmly that it is. Although you’re asking a machine to insert some extra words, all of the ideas are yours. It’s much like using a spelling and grammar check. Although you’re getting help, you’re still doing the vast majority of the work.

The benefits of our text extender are many. It’s:

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • A lesson on how to extend papers

When you read the work of the text amplifier, you will understand how you can better make your paper longer. It’s free and the process, as you can see, is very simple! The text extender doesn’t add any new ideas, just length, so there’s no worry that you will be plagiarizing. All you’re doing is getting a leg up to a better paper.

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The Best Text Extender for You

We know you often need good text fast. That’s why we make sure that our text extender is as coherent and cohesive as it can be. As a student, you have enough stress. You have so many aspects of writing to worry about when you create a paper. Don’t let the length be your one failing. Instead, try the text extender and see what we can do for you.

With our text extender, you’ll never have an essay too short again – try and see!